Creating pack leadership through walking your dog.

pack walkA common misconception among well intentioned dog owners in the US is that when walking our dogs they get to lead. The walk between owner and canine companion sets up the tone in the human-dog relationship. In a pack of dogs the leader goes first. Allowing your dog to lead on your adventures communicates to them that they are in charge. Any dog who walks out in front of their owner will begin to believe that it is the leader. For a dog this not only applies to the walk but carries over into their home lives as well. Teaching your furry friend proper leash etiquette such as walking by your side or behind you, not pulling or lunging towards other dogs or people and sitting patiently when the owner stops not only makes your walks together more enjoyable but also establishes who is the leader of the pack. The dog begins to learn that you are in control.
When you practice being the leader of you pack walk it also forces your dog to think, another benefit to walking your dog the proper way. Not only is your dog getting physical exercise but he or she is getting a mental work as well, thus you return home with an even more tired pooch.

out of control

How NOT to walk your dog on-leash

On a proper pack walk, which should take place basically anytime you and your dog go for a walk, your dog should be walking by your side or behind you. He or she should also be looking to you for direction. To us humans this may seem petty but it means volumes to your dog. At Bark & Biscuit we thrive on this kind of walk. We can jump start your dog teaching the proper leash etiquette in one of our board & train programs or gradually build this base through private training sessions and or our walk and train programs. Contact us today for a free consultation! 801-231-7311 or
Happy walking!

2 responses to “Creating pack leadership through walking your dog.

  1. Well said Ashley, the walk is the stepping stone to everything else. People don’t realize how important the walk is. I’ve studied both Victoria Stillwell for training and Cesar for the psychology aspect. Combining the two and working with my dogs has changed them significantly. So much so people have told me to get into the business of training dogs. So I’m taking courses to get certified, people want that certificate, and I’m going to open my own business.

    • That’s so great. There is always room for another well informed trainer in my opinion. Good luck in your learning. Becoming a trainer is an amazing career. Happy journeys!

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