Top 10 Reasons to Crate Train Your Dog

Tuggs loves his great and looks forward to some quite time after a long pack walk.

Tuggs loves his great and looks forward to some quite time after a long pack walk.

Many of your dog’s training issues can be solved simply by introducing crate training into his or her life. Many people cringe when I suggest this. I have to admit before I was knew much about dog behavior, I thought the same thing. “You mean lock my dog in a box and restrict his freedom? No way.” While this is what many of us humans think, a kennel or crate is actually a great place to your dog. You are working with your dog’s natural behaviors when you are teaching to use a crate. Here are the

Top 10 reasons to crate train your dog:

    1.  Gives your pooch a place to call his or her own. It’s like their own little room or den. Wild dogs and wolves spend a lot of their time not hunting just hanging out around the den. Living in a human world dogs are very easily over stimulated by sounds, smells and sights. The crate gives them a quite place to get away from it all and take a break. Especially if you have other dogs or kids.
    2. Provides structure which most dogs in today’s world so desperately crave. We often think that giving our dogs anything but all the freedom we desire is cruel. However, dogs are pack animals. Most dogs become very stressed when left to lead themselves. They want a pack leader who will tell them what to do. Restricting some of your dog’s freedom is actually a great way to offer this structure to your dog and taking some of his or her stress away. This in turn, helps
    3. Maintain your role of being pack leader in the household which should be held by all humans in the house, not the dog.
    4. Teaches your dog the basics of potty training. Dog’s don’t like to go to the bathroom where they sleep. It will help tremendously with those who are struggling with house training. A crate acts as a fantastic tool to help you and your dog establish a schedule for potty training.
    5. Acts as a “doggy sitter”. Crates offer a safe and comfortable space for your dog when no one is around. This can potentially be a life saver. If your dog were to chew up a pillow and eat the stuffing, they could die from the blockage or at least put a hole in your pocket book with a very pricey surgery. Things like electric wires, poisonous house plants, chemicals and even stair cases can cause harm to an unsupervised dog especially those curious little puppies. So not only does the crate keep your dog from potentially harming himself but it also
    6. Curbs destructive behaviors. It will keep your dog from chewing on the couch and getting into garbage while you are away.
    7. Makes traveling with your dog easier and safer. If you have to fly with your dog, most airlines require your dog be restrained in a crate. If the crate has been associated with his or her safe place before your flight your dog’s stress levels will be greatly reduced. A crate also helps create a safer environment for both you and your dog when driving. Keeping your dog contained in a crate while on the road not only keeps him or her from jumping all over the car distracting you but if you are in a wreck your dog is less likely to be thrown about or even out of your vehicle. In a way, it acts as a canine car seat.

      Rosalie can often be found curled up in her crate for a nap.

      Rosalie can often be found curled up in her crate for a nap.

    8. Reduces stress at the groomer, veterinarian or boarding facility. Many of the places you will take your dog for services will require your dog be kenneled for a small amount of time. Places like this are often already very stressful. If you train your dog to associate the crate as a positive and comfortable place his or her stress will be greatly reduced at these places.
    9. Allow your dog to integrate into the pack or family. Many people banish their dogs to the yard separating him from the rest of the family. The crate keeps your dog close while also being under control.
    10. Speeds up your dog’s recovery. When our dogs are sick or injured, many vets suggest “bed rest” or limited activity. This is especially hard if you have a high energy dog. A crate can help limit your dog from bouncing around the house and further causing harm. Also, it gives him the time he needs to recover.

As you can see, the crate is SO much more than “just locking your dog in a box”. And can in fact be life saving. I hope I have turned some skeptics around and shown you all what an important tool a crate can be for your happy hound. Please feel free to comment below with any questions or to share your experiences with crate training.

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